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What is SEO Content Writing?

The best way to improve your ranking on SERPs is by providing value to your audience with carefully written SEO blog posts and landing pages. In order to do so, you need strong keyword research that acts as the base of your whole project.

Then, you’ll need to work on different strategies such as the right style, tone, perspective, structure (H1, H2, H3, etc), and of course, professional SEO. 

We will design a content strategy based on your audience, niche, and goals. For this, we create custom writing guidelines that you can approve before we get to work. 

Our SEO Writing Guidelines

Do you want to take a look at the practices we follow when writing SEO-friendly blog posts for our clients? 

You can click on the report and see the writing guidelines we used with one of our previous clients. 

These writing guidelines are unique for every client depending on their website needs and budget. We can work with optimized blog posts and add extra on-page SEO services if required. 

It all depends on your company’s needs and goals. Just get in touch if you want SEO writing guidelines for your company’s blog. 

How to Create Content That Generates Traffic

Many businesses invest thousands of dollars in paid ads. However, statistics suggest that building your marketing strategy around organic traffic is the best way to generate leads. 

Although paid ads will bring in some readers to your site, this traffic will almost completely disappear once you stop posting ads. 

Moreover, the majority of businesses agree that organic traffic is the most valuable type of traffic for the following reasons:

  • Being in a good position on SERPs indicate that your content is high-quality
  • Users trust more on organic results than they do on ads
  • Google directs a higher amount of traffic to organic pages
  • Most people prefer not to click on pages that are displayed as “ads”


The best way of generating leads is creating unique blog posts and landing pages that provide value to your audience and that position themselves organically over time. 

Invest in Strategically Written SEO Blog Posts

It’s been a while since getting to the top 10 on SERPs was as easy as stuffing primary and secondary keywords on never-ending posts.  

However, Google’s algorithms have come to a point where they do what they are supposed to almost perfectly; serve searcher intent.

Modern SEO blog writing focuses on one main goal: provide users with value. 

You need to focus your strategy around writing blog posts that give readers what they need while you call to action through smooth semantics and appealing writing. 

To that end, you need to use the keywords discovered on the active keyword research. You need to discriminate when to use them on headers and in some places of the text.

Moreover, your blog posts should always be well-structured, using headers accurately, writing compelling titles, and using resources such as listing, bulleting, tables, table of contents, and optimized URL structures. 

Landing pages examples

A batch of landing pages created for Lumen5, a client with a video marketing platform eager to increase organic traffic. 


Blog posts examples

A batch of blog posts created for Upwork Clients on this website. 


How to Create SEO Blog Posts and Landing Pages

If you want to create really valuable blog posts and landing pages the best option is always hiring professional services. However, if you want to go ahead and create your own material, you can bear in mind the following tips:

1. Include Images

A valuable blog post is not complete without images. Pictures convey what words can’t sometimes. In order to increase SEO value, you should never use stock images in your posts. The best way to outrank your competitors is by using unique and engaging images that portray the topic accurately. Also, you should take care of optimizing these images so they won’t affect the site’s speed or functionality. Moreover, all the images you use on blog posts should have optimized ALT text. This helps your post rank faster.

3. Make Sure Your Page Has High-Quality Content

If you want to grow your business in today’s competitive market, optimizing your content is no longer optional. It’s a must With thousands of websites out there investing heavily in marketing and SEO content writing, landing a favorable position on SERPs becomes more and more challenging. But don’t panic. It is still possible to outrank competitors and place your business among the best. The key is to provide valuable content. Of course, if you want to know what kind of content is relevant for a specific market, you will need to get active keyword research services. Only by doing this will you begin to understand users’ queries. Creating the right type of content is key. There’s no point in using the best keywords if they are not in the right context. Make sure to include relevant sections in your content that really provide value.

2. Work on Linkbuilding

When it comes to designing a growth strategy for your blog, internal and external links play a major role in outranking your competitors Google prefers sites that include reliable sources and link directly to them, especially if these sites have high authority metrics. Also, as part of your strategy, you should include internal links to the pages that have higher possibilities of conversion using anchor text strategically for this purpose.

4. Don’t Include Thin Content.

It is of the utmost importance not to include sections or content your audience does not want to read. Unlike popular beliefs, Google doesn’t consider long articles or pages more relevant. It’s not a matter of word count. Instead, it’s a matter of providing complete information that is highly valuable. If you can provide more value than your competitors with fewer words, then you are doing it right.

5. Use The Right Style

The tone, perspective, and writing style are more important than you think. In order to know the right style for your content, you need to conduct a deep analysis of SERPs, competitors, and your own audience. Don’t simply use the style you think will suit best. You might be wrong. Instead, take the time to run these analyses so you can develop a style and brand identity that really has an impact on your audience. Otherwise, your conversion rates won’t be so high. If you can’t make your readers engaged with your content, your bounce rate will skyrocket and you will lose leads and potential customers.

Should I Hire SEO Content Writing Services?

If you are considering hiring content writing services, you’ll need to take care of the keyword research first.

After getting active keyword research services, you will understand how to create valuable content. Not taking the time to run this analysis first will make it really difficult to understand how to structure valuable content for your market.

After you have a full report on competitors, market, SERPs, type of content, and target audience, you can then create writing guidelines for your writers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We provide SEO content writing services for every niche on the internet. We are a team of professional SEO writers with unique research skills. We have worked with clients in many different markets, such as digital marketing, education, auction, real estate, and much more. 

The creation time can vary depending on factors such as your niche, the lengh of the content, your goals, and your target audience. Some projects take longer than others. A 10.000-word project usually takes around two weeks, but once again, it will depend on your company’s niche. 

Yes. We provide professional copywriting services for every niche on the internet. We craft and deliver high-quality landing pages with different types of CTAs that work in today’s competitive market. 

Absolutely. We craft and carefully design SEO writing guidelines depending on your company’s niche, goals, tone, and perspective. Our writers stick to these guidelines, which are previously approved by the client. 

Yes. As a top SEO agency, we make sure our content is as optimized as it can be. Naturally, in order to get the best results possible, we highly recommend you get active keyword research services before starting a new project. 

Yes. If you have SEO knowledge and want to provide your own set of keywords, you can do it with no problem. However, if your SEO knowledge is limited, we highly recommend you get professional keyword research services first. 

The time-lapse to see new content rank on Google will vary based on factors such as your site’s niche, domain authority, current position on SERPs, domain age, keyword difficulty, among others. Get professional SEO services to reduce this time-lapse to the minimum. 

The total cost of writing new content will depend on different factors such as your company’s niche, deadlines, tone, and perspective. Prices range between $0.04 to $0.15 per word. 

Absolutely. We offer as many revisions as necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results. In AngeldSolutions, clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. 

All the content we create is completely original and carefully created by professionals. We Copyscape every single text created by our writers and we invite you to check for originality using any plagiarism software available. 

Yes. We create custom writing guidelines in order to define the tone, perspective, and target audience for the new content created. We do this by conducting research on your site, target audience, and niche. We always discuss these aspects with you before writing any new content. 

Yes. We can create content for your site and provide images and web design for your landing pages or blog posts. Get in touch to discuss more about this service.