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Professional Keyword Research Services & Market Analysis

With Google’s fast-changing algorithms and A.I., traditional keyword research is no longer viable. In today’s competitive market, you need keyword research services that go beyond.

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Active Keyword Research Services

In the past, SEO professionals used to do keyword research by using external tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs to discover the best keywords for your business based on aspects like search volume and keyword difficulty.

This process resulted in a list of keywords you could use on your landing pages or blog posts to rank on SERPs. However, this method doesn’t work anymore. This is not the way keyword research should be done in 2021.

So, how can you do modern keyword research for your business and actually get a favorable position on SERPs?

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research, or how I like to call it, active keyword research is the act of conducting a deep and detailed analysis that helps you devise a content strategy with the purpose of writing relevant, authoritative content for your website.

The purpose of this analysis is to understand visitors’ queries so you can provide them with the information, product, or service they are really looking for. Doing this correctly will result in getting a very good position on search engine result pages.

Keyword research should never be done with the intention of “pleasing” Google hoping to appear on the first page of results. Our active keyword research services are conducted with the purpose of providing visitors with value, which is what Google really takes into consideration in 2020. 

A consequence of providing value is getting a favorable position on SERPs and not the other way around. Google wants to provide users with relevant information only. Do that, and you will then begin to compete for a top position on SERPs. 

Keyword Research Tools Are Not Enough

Using external tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, or Ubersuggest is not enough. Think about it this way: everybody has access to those tools, but not everybody gets to rank their content. Why?

Because these tools won’t do miracles. Real keyword research is a combination of  research and analytical skills along with experience, and this can only be done by a qualified professional. These tools are great only if combined with such skills. Tools per se are just that. Tools. Hammers don’t build houses, skilled people with hammers do!

Would you like to see one of our active keyword research reports?

The three pictures above are all part of a real keyword research report for one of our clients. It consists of a detailed 7-page report where you can see the type of information you will receive regarding your competitors, market, type of content and keywords. 

Note: the actual data was modified not to reveal sensitive information about the client on this case study. 

How Does Active Keyword Research Work?

Active keyword research conducted by us is more than just a list with a primary and some secondary keywords. In fact, for keyword research to be effective these days, it must be in the form of a detailed report that includes the following sections:

1. Market Analysis

As part of our active keyword research services, you will receive a report with a deep analysis of your service, product, and market. Before creating new content, it is crucial that you know the market in which your products will be competing. This includes understanding users' expectations, queries, and online behavior. We analyze your product in order to understand if it’s good enough for potential clients to buy online or if you need to make changes to better reach your target audience.

2. Type of Content Analysis

There is no point in having a list with the best keywords for your product or services if you don’t understand the type of content they should be used in. It not only about the keywords per se. It’s about how you use those keywords to present relevant information to your target audience. With our data-driven strategy and analytical skills, we will discover exactly the type of content Google considers to be the right information for your target audience.

3. Competitors’ Analysis

After analyzing the market and customer persona, we conduct a detailed analysis on your main organic competitors on SERPs for your target keywords. A deep analysis of your competitors is necessary in order to plan a realistic content strategy to outrank them. We analyze their authority, their type of content, their products, and the keywords that are working for them. Only by knowing your competitors can you plan a strategy to beat them on Google's Search Engline Result Pages (SERPs).

4. Keyword Research

Only by knowing the specific market for your service, your main competitors, your customer persona, and the type of content considered relevant by Google, can you know exactly which are the right keywords you need to use in your landing pages or blog posts. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with a bunch of keywords that really make no sense for what’s really happening on SERPs. It’s not always about the search volume, it’s about knowing the right keywords you need to use and where to use them.

Benefits of Doing Active Keyword Research

When it comes to getting a favorable position on SERPs, active keyword research can be the difference between skyrocketing your sales and not selling a single product at all. Don’t trust companies that keep doing old-fashioned keyword research and promise you to be in the first position on SERPs overnight. Real SEO doesn’t work like that.

It’s about combining the best analytical skills with experience and experimentation to get you to a good position with hard work. By conducting professional keyword research for your site you will improve the following areas of your business:

1. Organic Traffic Increase

Understanding your target audience’s minds is the key to getting real, high-quality traffic. With our deep analyses, you will be considered relevant by Google and you will get to many more people because you will be giving them what they are looking for. The closer you get to the first position on Google, the more traffic you will receive.

2. Higher Conversion Rates

With our type of content deep analysis, you will gain an understanding of the sections people expect to see on your page. If you give users exactly what they are looking for, your conversion rates will skyrocket because you will be exactly what they need. Only by understanding your customer persona can you really increase conversions.

3. Domain Authority Increase

With our market and competitors analyses, you will know exactly what you need to increase your domain authority. The exact number and quality of backlinks you need with the anchor text to be used. Also, since relevant content is perceived as authoritative by Google, we will give you guidelines on how to make your content more authoritative.

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Keyword Research Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Unless you are an experienced SEO consultant, we recommend you get active keyword research services for your content. Everyone can simply have access to tools such as ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Keyword Planner, etc. but that doesn’t mean you can rank new content just by using these tools. 

Apart from our manual work, which is made of professional research and analytical skills, we use all kinds of tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google itself, etc. It’s not really about the tool per se, it’s about the skills the keyword researcher has. 

The final cost for active keyword research varies depending on different factors such as your company’s niche, services, number of pages to rank, etc. Get in touch to get a free estimate.

It depends on your niche and the total number of keywords. Active keyword research is a detailed manual analysis that is quite time-consuming. We take the time to analyze your market, competitors, products, etc, and we do this one by one. Therefore, keyword research can last anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.

We discuss your project with you and ask you questions regarding your product or services. Then, we proceed to do all the analyses mentioned before and we deliver a final report that includes your market analysis with observations, competitors analysis, type of content recommendations, and the list of discovered relevant keywords. 

Unless you have experience with SEO analytical skills, we highly recommend you do get professional services that practice active keyword research. This method was devised by us after doing the proper research and experimentation. 

Yes. If you do keyword research the wrong way, you can get penalized for trying to artificially manipulate the rankings based on keyword stuffing. Our active keyword research services prevent this from happening because we apply an organic approach based on providing value rather than keyword stuffing. 

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